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IMG_8960I was a small boy growing up in rural Kansas when the cooking bug bit me. The smells of chicken and catfish frying. The buttery goodness of mashed potatoes slathered with white gravy accompanied by flaky biscuits or golden sweet cornbread made Sunday dinners the main event of the week. From the first batch of green beans, I was smitten. I would hang close to my grandmother’s elbow watching intently as the she fried up bacon and magically whipped up golden brown pancakes. I inhaled the deep, rich, sweet aroma of melting sugar, as she made syrup from scratch. Later in my life, those memories became the foundation for my own culinary exploration. I took Grandma’s recipes and made them my own. And today those recipes and my newer culinary discoveries have led to many of the original products served up in DonClark’s Kitchen. My products begin with the freshest ingredients possible. I make only small batches to ensure rich,bold old fashioned flavor that takes you on a nostalgic trip back to grandma’s house. My jams and jellies reminiscent of the spreads grandma used to make. All of them made from fruits picked at the height of their growing season.

My Island Comfort hot sauces take you on a trek through the Caribbean. Sweet mango, tangy tamarind, and tart pineapple, marry some of the hottest peppers in the world, grown right in my own garden. Our unique blend makes our hot sauce more than a watery condiment, but an irresistible partner for all kinds of foods.

In Sweet Alex’s Sweet Shop, I serve up baked goods to die for.From Red velvet cakes, to double chocolate chip cookies, my original recipes like sweet plantain and mango bread will surely hit the spot. And my customers just can’t get enough of my rum cakes soaked in rum glaze. Whether it’s a spicy pork rub, fresh ground basil or oregano or ketchup designed just for the kids, the products in DonClark’s Kitchen change with the seasons. Catch them when you can. But don’t worry we’ll let you know what’s coming with constant product updates.
You’ll won’t know what your missing until you visit DonClark’s Kitchen.

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